Sandpoint is my hometown. I’ve grown up here, and my lovely wife and I are raising my 3 daughters and son here because we believe in the values of this town. Values like a strong work ethic that I learned while helping run our family’s restaurant; and the value of taking time to enrich the next generation as I’ve shared through coaching local sports teams. All without losing sight of how much fun we can have here in North Idaho. Because of my deep roots in this town, I have a vested interest in being accountable to the people of Sandpoint.

Fiscally Responsible

If elected, I will apply the principles of good stewardship of the money you’ve entrusted to us. Because of my experience in helping run a family business, I know that a big part of happiness and success is being responsible with the resources that we earn. The same truth applies for government. I’ll also work to see to it that the hard work by the great people in this community and businesses of Sandpoint is rewarded with the most efficient and effective use of their resources.

Supports Local Business

The heart of this wonderful City of Sandpoint is the great folks that live here, work here and run the businesses here. When businesses thrive, the people of Sandpoint thrive. I will do my best to cultivate a good local business environment for all of us to enjoy and benefit from. I believe this is essential for the success and future of this wonderful town. Personally, as being part of a successful family business, I believe I can help with the needs of Sandpoint’s business owners, future business owners, our hard working employees, and the great people of Sandpoint. Together, I know that we can maintain our city’s charm and lifestyle.